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Professional Teeth Whitening Services in Coconut Grove

Are you suffering from a lack of confidence due to your teeth that are no longer white and have taken a yellowish tinge? There are a number of factors behind, but you can surely get back the pure whiteness of teeth if you visit Flawless Beauty And Piercing Studio. We are one of the most reputable names offering in-chair, painless teeth whitening treatment in Coconut Grove.

We have specialised in natural teeth whitening service and hence, we always use natural, organic, kosher and ethically sourced ingredients to whiten teeth. Naturally, the teeth whitening agents that we use contain no toxins, gluten, lactose or animal testing.

All that we use to whiten teeth include specially formulated gels that are pH balanced and food grade. They contain coconut oil, organic peppermint oil, xylitol, aloe vera and other effective, harmless minerals to ensure effective teeth whitening that is safe for the enamel of your teeth. In short, our professional teeth whitening services in Coconut Grove are absolutely safe and secured.

So visit us to get a brighter and whiter smile, which will boost up your sagging confidence and bring back the joy to show off. Our fast, effective and safe whitening service will address all your issues like staining and yellowing of your teeth. We will ensure that you are left with a refreshing, healthy and beautiful smile that will keep on sparkling!

Teeth Whitening Treatment

What are the Advantages of our Professional Teeth Whitening Service near Coconut Grove?

When you visit us for our professional teeth whitening service near Coconut Grove you enjoy the following benefits:
  • Safety: When you have your teeth professionally whitened under the supervision of our qualified dentist, there is a much higher safety quotient than what you have when you use a non-professional whitening product on your own.
  • It gives better results: Our professional whitening treatments and the at-home kits that our dentist delivers are much more trustworthy and effective in terms of results they produce, compared with the other DIY products.
  • We offer professional support: If you have any queries or concerns following our service, you can contact us for personalised advice and guidance.
Teeth Whitening Services

Our Tooth Gems Services in Coconut Grove is Next to None

Besides teeth whitening, we also offer tooth gems services in Coconut Grove, which is medically-approved and safe and secured.
  • We are safe: At Flawless Beauty And Piercing Studio, tooth gems are applied by qualified and licensed dental hygienists, who would use top quality, dental safe materials and cutting edge tools and technology to ensure safest results.
  • Our tooth gems are durable: The tooth gems we apply last for 6 to 12 months on an average. We use the best and fastest technique that takes more or less 15 minutes. And the process involves no drilling and it is an absolutely painless process.
  • They are entirely removable: If you ever decide to part ways with your tooth gem and give up your style, our professional can have it entirely removed for you. Once it is gone, it will be like it was never applied at all!

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