Perils of Not Visiting the Best Beauty Salon for Eyelash Extensions

Are you planning to visit a beauty salon for some eyelash extensions? You must visit one of the frontline salons for the best outcome. If you are in Nightcliff, Flawless Beauty And Piercing Studio has to be your automatic choice. With years of experience and some of the best specialists, we are the safest and the most competent names to get to, for eyelash lift or extension. You need to opt for the best clinic, as visiting below par clinics might leave you with a number of bitter experiences. Let us look into the issues.

The Eyelashes Looking Unnatural

An experienced beautician will apply the eyelashes in such a way, that the lashes will merge with your natural lashes in a seamless way and integrate so seamlessly that the two sets look as one, and natural. However, when you visit a below par salon, an imperfect application will make the eyelashes look unnatural and they will stand up too stiff, and the eyes will appear to have been ripped apart – nowhere near the seamless look and feel that perfect eyelash extensions in Nightcliff.

The Eyelashes Appear Deformed as well as Crossed

Rather than methodically dragging the lashes straight and evenly onto the silicone pad, the not-so-competent experts will leave them tangled and will not fix them prior to applying the lotions. This defect cannot be rectified to the fullest and any effort to do so will leave the lashes with an end effect that is even more pitiful. Besides, the lashes can no longer move the way they should, and will break more quickly.

The Eyelashes Get Entirely Curled and Appear ‘Down Right Burnt”

This is another very common effect that the lashes will have on them if you leave them to be applied by an incompetent professional. The eyelashes get completely curled when a low quality lifting product is used, or the perming lotion was left on the lashes for too long.

These ugly curled lashes get irrevocably ruined unless a natural lash comes in and replaces the previous lashes. Applying mascara is also ineffective since it encourages the curled lashes to stay together and clump even more, making them even uglier.

No Curls in the Lashes

This is another fallout of the improper application of the lashes. When that happens, the lifting effect gets hardly visible.

This happens as and when the lifting product was of poor quality or expired, thus depleting the perming lotion. Thus the lotion does not have the ability to open up the hair structure. It’s also conceivable that the perming lotion didn’t have enough time to work. It is better to just repeat the lifting in this scenario that the experts are not capable of.

The Eyelashes Fall out From the Eyelid

This can occur if old glue that had turned vicious is used. Fresh, thin glue dries more faster than this type of adhesive. When the lashes are fixed and aligned in parallel on the silicone pad, they are pulled excessively forcefully. To avoid this, apply a high-quality lash lifting glue. Because it is water-soluble, a drop of water may be used to rectify the stuck position of the lash rather than dragging on it.

So in order to avoid these issues, you must get to the best salon that also offers eyelash lift in Nightcliff. Call us to book our service before you turn up.